About Us

How it started

My grandfather is an excellent woodworker and has created many quality pieces of furniture. When I would go over to his house, I would often catch him in his workshop. While he is retired now, I learned most of what I know from him. His lessons influenced every aspect of how I build my drums. It seemed only fitting that I would name the drums after him. He is the original Marwood. 

After years of drumming I became interested in restoring vintage drums,

I enjoyed taking them apart and inspecting every piece, and as time went on I began making enhancements to drums that I played. This sparked my passion for making drums, and drew me to ultimately designing drums of my own. It was so important to me to develop a product that musicians will love.

My goal with Marwood Drums is to introduce a new option for drummers that is timeless in both sound and aesthetic.

Something classic and modern but with their own unique flavour. Marwood Drums are able to perform in any genre from the most sensitive jazz to the hardest metal.

I love what I do, and every drum that is a Marwood is centered around this philosophy.