We are a high-end drum company based in Peterborough, Ontario. We build our snare drums with a three-ply birch formula. The less plies in a drum, the more the shell is able to resonate. All our shells are six millimetres thick and are reinforced with a solid ring of North American Beech. Combining a medium thin shell with thick plies means each drum is highly sensitive and produces a rich tone without sacrificing projection.

As much as possible we try to keep production in Canada and local

With this in mind our proprietary hardware is machined and polished for us out of high quality aluminium on just the other side of Peterborough, ON. Using aluminium with a single mounting point creates a strong lug that allows the shell to vibrate freely, enabling the drums to sing with an airy warm tone that’s ideal when tuned for jazz and can project a thundering boom when tuned for rock drumming. Medium-light birch construction delivers excellent attack and crispness compared to other woods. The bearing edges are also hand cut and snare beds are hand sanded to 1/64th to allow for the most sensitivity.

How They Sound

Birch drums offer warmth and articulation. Beech rings impart an extra focus and sharpness to the tone of the drum. Diecast hoops increase articulation while decreasing the sustain somewhat. Excellent for studio and styles where every note must be heard clearly. Triple flange hoops are available for those who prefer a more open tone.

5X14 Diecast Hoops

Tuning: Medium, High, Low


We offer Unique Lacquer and Pearl finishes.

Personalize your Marwood to make it yours.

Look at some of our most popular finishes.

Sparkling Green

Sparkling Red

Sparkling Teal

Sparkling Blue

White Pearl

Black Pearl

Blue Pearl